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Do you need to clean your office or your gym with all the guarantees?

At BRIGHT we help you clean your office or your gym with all the guarantees. Our company, an expert in cleaning offices and gyms in Mallorca, has one of the best professional teams in the sector, thanks to its long experience. Therefore, we guarantee reliability in our work, using the most advanced tools.

An office or a gym is a complex space, therefore, experienced professionals are required so that the facilities are regularly maintained. At BRIGHT we take care of the deep cleaning of these spaces, adapting to the schedules and tasks that are carried out there, with the aim of not affecting the normal work development.

What is the deep cleaning of an office? We take care of all floors, regardless of their material: carpets, parquet, marble, PVC, etc. Also, of all the crystals, both the interior and exterior windows, meeting rooms, etc. As for the furniture and all surfaces, we take care of removing accumulated dust and dirt.

What is the deep cleaning of a gym? We take care of cleaning all the floors, walls, dumbbells, windows, bathrooms, showers and all the furniture and machines present in the gym.

All of our office and gym cleaning services are fully customizable. Each customer will be able to choose the frequency of service they need.

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