Cleaning of communities and urbanizations en Mallorca

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Our company is in charge of all cleaning services for neighborhood communities and urbanizations within Mallorca island. We offer very affordable prices, adapting to all budgets. Our work team, with extensive experience in the sector, will offer you the best advice to choose between the services that best suits your needs.

We clean all the necessary areas of a building and urbanizations, areas such as the portal, windows, floors, corridors, elevators and stairs. Our team not only offers indoor cleaning services, since we are specialists in the maintenance of green areas and gardening in general so our work is also focused on exterior areas.

We are experts in scrubbing floors, thanks to our most modern and up-to-date tools, which adapt perfectly to any material and guarantee an efficient cleaning service. Our goal is that the floors remain as new and stay clean for much longer”.

Our schedules are never a problem!

We are able to adapt to any time so as not to disturb the neighbors of the property while the cleaning tasks are carried out. We adapt to the schedules and times that the costumer indicates, to disturb the neighbors as little as possible while the cleaning tasks are carried out. BRIGHT provides periodic maintenance that can be weekly, monthly, punctual or specific, a completely personalized service.

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We always attach a photo that certifies the work we do.

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