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BRIGHT is a cleaning company specialized in the cleaning and maintenance of windows of all kind. We adapt to the conditions and spaces of the windows, whether if they are located in a building, office, apartment or chalet.

The window cleaning that our company carries out deals with all kind of problems, such as mold, something very common in windows. We are specialized to deal with this the performing specific cleaning services, in such a way that we are able to erase it so as not to appear again. Also, we make dirt take much longer to appear thanks to our advanced tools and products.

Crystals are one of the most difficult objects to clean, as dirt accumulates on them in a more obvious way.

 At BRIGHT we carry out an efficient cleaning service, using the most modern technology. Windows, especially those that are outside, are exposed to dirt that is produced by constant exposure to different factors such as environmental pollution, constant handling, inclement weather, smog from cars, etc.

This superficial dirt that is generated can be removed easily, however, there is another kind of dirt that may be more persistent and difficult to remove, which requires a specialized cleaning service such as BRIGHT.

We guarantee that they will be flawless after our work.

Our window cleaning services focus on:

• Standard windows and hard-to-reach windows, such as those found in roofs or bars.

• Mirrors

• Viewpoints

• Enclosures

• Terraces

• Facades

• Etc.

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