Cleaning and maintenance of garages and parkings en Mallorca

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Leave your garage or parking lot like new! We take care of all the cleaning and maintenance service in Mallorca. Don’t worry about poor cleaning, BRIGHT will take care of keeping your garage or parking lot spotless.

Our garage or parking cleaning services focus on all kinds of places:

• Single-family homes, such as chalets, townhouses, etc.

• Neighbor communities

• Urbanizations

• Company headquarters

• Office buildings

• Factories or industrial warehouses

Garages and car parks are often difficult areas to clean due to their specific characteristics. Therefore, all the specifications you require must be attended with professionalism and with an effective cleaning service. The constant traffic of cars causes traces of oil, gasoline, etc. to accumulate in them, or that floors and walls are affected by the smoke from the exhaust pipes.

In addition, the passage of people means that, if constant cleaning is not maintained, dirt can spread throughout the space.

At BRIGHT we are experts in cleaning garages and car parks. Our cleaning focuses on floors of all kinds, whatever the material they are, we guarantee the best results. Our goal is that the garage or car park remains as good as new despite the multiple factors that adversely affect it. Our team of professionals makes the space stay clean for much longer by performing tasks with quality products. When we talk about cleaning parking lots or garages, we mean cleaning walls, windows, garbage removal, stairs, corridors, lighting fixtures, sinks and all the required elements.

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