About us

About who we are

Your trusted cleaning company in Mallorca

BRIGHT is a family company of cleaning and maintenance services that is characterized by adopting a high level of commitment on each job, with each of our customers, maintaining at all times the effort and personalized dedication on each project.

To do this, we manage a defined, efficient and precise work method that is mandatory for all company personnel, being faithful to it at all times.

This method includes constant supervision of our work to ensure high quality results and which in turn allows us to act immediately in the event of any incident that may arise, showing flexibility and adaptability at all times.

The Bright Team

Our team

We have a team of professionals with proven experience committed to the company and to our principles. That they remain attentive and receptive to any novelty or innovation that arises within the sector.

Our workers are responsible in their tasks and qualified for the development of these with a guarantee of effective resolution.

All our staff are in compliance with current Social Security legislation and with the necessary measures of Safety and Occupational Risk Prevention, as well as specific training in the presence of the COVID-19 virus.

Our values

Conscious with sustainability and the environment

Our sense of responsibility and respect for the environment means that we always act accordingly, using quality products with characteristics that protect and do not pollute, organic products, as well as waste recycling procedures.


We are prepared with adequate machinery

We have machinery in a good state of maintenance to respond efficiently and reliably to continuous and demanding work challenges, with high performance obtaining quality and durable finishes that ensure the customer satisfaction.

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